Spotlight on … Peter Joy in conversation with The Beeswax Wrap Company.

“Hi Carly, hi Fran – you are the first of our ‘Spotlight On’ features showcasing local businesses that we admire and want to share with our audience – welcome and thanks for agreeing to talk to us!

PJ: So here in the office we have fallen for your brilliant wraps since discovering them for sale in the equally brilliant Shiny Goodness and use them for pack lunches and at home (and for the kids lunch boxes!) what inspired you to create The Beeswax Wrap Company?

Fran: Carly and I were trying to go plastic free in early 2017, the one thing we really struggled to replace was cling film. Carly had seen beeswax wraps when she lived in Australia, we were in Stroud Farmers market one Saturday and saw some local beeswax for sale so we thought we would have a go at making some.

PJ: We love the fact that you are a local business, are you still making the products by hand or do you now have a production line?

Fran: We make all of our wraps by hand in our workshop in Nailsworth. We now have a team of 10 helping us make them as Carly and I were starting to struggle keeping up with demand. We are really proud of our wraps and the quality, this is all down to the fact that our wraps are completely handmade. 

PJ: These wraps are incredibly durable, can you tell us about the process?

Fran: I am afraid this is top secret!

PJ: How long can we expect them to last?

Fran: Our Beeswax Wraps will last over a year, I am still using wraps that we made nearly 2 years ago!

PJ: So, what were you both doing for a living before this?

Fran: My background is in advertising and Carly was a music teacher.

PJ: Are you both Stroud born and bred or have you migrated to this beautiful part of the world?

Fran: Carly and I met when we were both living in Bristol. Carly is originally from Canada and I am from Hampshire. We both moved to Stroud at a similar time and we absolutely love it. We both grew up in the countryside so having so many beautiful walks right on our doorstep is wonderful.

PJ: We are passionate about the Stroud valleys and the eclectic mix of homes within it – can you describe your home to me? What do you love most about where you live?

Fran: I live in Nailsworth, we actually bought our home through Peter Joy. Its an old 1920’s house, we are very lucky to have lots of original features, lovely wooden floors and funny little cupboards. We love Nailsworth, it is so rare these days to have such a thriving community with so many independent shops. We love just pottering on Saturdays visiting all the shops to get our weekly food shopping. We are big believers in supporting local businesses.

PJ: What do you like to do when you get time off?

Fran: We love going up on to the common to walk our dog Butch. There are so many great walks right from our front door, we are so lucky.

PJ: You have some beautiful designs and clearly enjoy working with colour. A question for you – you’re a new addition to the crayon box – what colour would you be and why?

Fran: Buttercup yellow, bright, cheerful and a reminder that sunshine does exist!

PJ: Finally – If you had one piece of advice for someone looking to launch their own business doing something they believe in – what would it be?

Fran: Truly believe in your idea and be passionate about it. You will have to put in a relentless amount of work so if you don’t love it you will!

PJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, and thank you for helping us reduce our plastic use!”

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