Buying Advice


Think about what you really want from a property

Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down your search.

It may be necessary to compromise later on but for now, the clearer your requirements, the easier it will be to focus on suitable properties.

Key factors for consideration:

  • Decide on your budget. Make sure you have a clear idea on affordability. If you need a mortgage, get an agreement in principal from a lender before you make your offer. It’ll make you more appealing to your vendor if you’re ready to proceed.
  • What style of property suits you best? Many buyers want character features but a newer house can offer more space for the money.
  • How much alteration are you prepared to undertake? Could a currently unsuitable space be adapted into a great family home with the removal of, say, a wall between a kitchen and dining room? Consider the budget required when committing to a major overhaul of a property.
  • What is the extent of your search area? Establish how far you are prepared to commute to work or how long the school run will take. You may need to factor in catchment areas and bus routes. Our experienced, locally based team can advise on the best routes for your daily drive and suggest good local schools.